Invest With Peace Of Mind…

investments-financial-services-sooke-victoria-bc-canada SEGREGATED FUNDS offer many inherent benefits including professional money management, diversification, simplicity and choice. Like mutual funds, segregated funds pool money from thousands of investors and employ professional investment managers to invest in a variety of individual securities. Investors earn profits or losses from this type of investment vehicle as unit values increase or decrease.

Available only through contracts issued by life insurance companies, segregated funds fall under insurance legislation rather than securities legislation, unlike mutual funds. This difference means segregated funds offer certain advantages over mutual funds. Advantages such as…

100% Capital Guarantees:
Through capital guarantees, a segregated fund portfolio has a maturity benefit guarantee that can contractually guarantee 100% of deposits. It also contains a death benefit guarantee where each year’s deposits begin with a 75% death benefit guarantee, which increases to 100% over five years.

* Features and guarantees vary by policy and age of annuitant and some limitations apply. Maturity and death benefit guarantees are reduced proportionality by withdrawals.

Creditor Protection:
A segregated fund investment may be protected in the event of bankruptcy and creditors.

Estate Bypass:
When you designate a beneficiary, the assets within you segregated fund flow directly to him or her, bypassing the estate and potential probate fees. As the assets bypass the estate, the beneficiary designation can not be contested.